Towards a world free of HIV


As a company, Gilead is uniquely positioned to accelerate progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Asia.

Founded in the San Francisco Bay area, one of the epicenters of the initial HIV/AIDS outbreak, we have witnessed first-hand the devastation HIV/AIDS causes in communities around the world. At the same time, Gilead is a leading innovator in the field of HIV, making a significant impact in transforming and simplifying care for people with HIV/AIDS.


The Joint United Nations Program on HIV or UNAIDS has set ambitious targets as a crucial step in ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030. These targets, also known as the 90-90-90 goals, aim to diagnose 90% of all HIV-positive persons, provide treatment for 90% of those diagnosed, and achieve viral suppression for 90% of those treated.

At Gilead, we remain committed through our science, therapies and funding to support communities in Asia and around the world to reach these targets. 

In this spirit, in 2018, we launched the Gilead Asia Pacific Rainbow Grant program to focus on supporting diverse, impactful, and sustainable community-based projects that empower underserved communities that experience obstacles to care. To learn more about Rainbow Grantee projects that support HIV-affected communities across Asia Pacific, click here.

Our Goals

Through our grant program, Gilead wants to support projects that place people at the center of care.



Our grant program aims to target at-risk groups and people living with HIV with prevention, information, and services so they feel empowered and in control of the choices they make, and can achieve the best quality of life possible.



Our grant program aims to engage communities for people living with HIV, ultimately resulting in societies that are free of judgment and stigma.



Partnerships and alliances among communities, NGOs, governments, and businesses are important as we work on HIV programs that help people with HIV live long and healthy lives.


How to apply for Gilead Asia Pacific Rainbow Grant?

All grant proposals are to be submitted online through the Gilead Grant portal tagging Gilead Asia Pacific Rainbow Grant Program, and specifying which focus area the proposal falls under. The Grants Committee will review and award grants based on how closely the proposed project aligns with the company’s mission and grant focus areas. Notifications of funding decisions will be done through the Gilead Grant portal. The grant application is currently closed and will open in 2021.



+ When will grant applications open?

+ How will the award be determined?

+ What is the amount of the grant? 

+ Can my organization submit more than one project?

+ Can a for-profit organization apply?

+ What are the eligibility criteria for participants?

+ How can I obtain the RFP document?

+ Can I apply with ongoing or finished projects?

+ My organization applied for the Asia Pacific Rainbow Grant last year. Am I eligible for this year’s grant? 

+ If a project will be launched on more than one date and place, should I submit multiple applications?

+ Can I submit only an annual budget instead of a detailed budget?

+ Can I upload attachments when I apply?

+ How will I be informed of the grant award decision?

+ Can I discuss my application with Gilead representatives?

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